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The Legacy Corp 1 800 375-0339 A tradition in natural organic health products formulated to improve your outer and inner health

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Introducing Our Eight Natural Products Formulated to Improve Your Outer and Inner Health

Fiber Gently 150 Caps TLC286 $22.00 Legacy Health Products 1 800 375-0339

The Legacy Family

Foundation Plus - A powerful multi vitamin whole health formula with Albion minerals and anti-oxidants that builds a strong foundation for optimal health. Foundation+ helps enhance mental awareness, supports your ability to cope with stress and gives the immune system a powerful boost.

Imun C+ - A unique blend of nutrients that help to support and strengthen the immune system and offers cellular protection. Imun C+ can be used as an everyday supplement to enhance overall health and build up the body’s resistance to infections.

Stress B+ - A three stage stress recovery formula that aids in how the body adapts and responds to everyday stress.  Stress B+ is a time tested blend of B vitamins, Albion minerals and herbs that helps to replenish and nourish the nervous system and helps to strengthen the adrenal gland.

Ultimate Bone Health – Strengthening your bones is possible at any stage of life with Ultimate Bone Health. This precise blend of organic based calcium combined with magnesium, boron, silica and vitamin K2 makes this a highly absorbed bone building formula.

Total Digest – Proper digestion and nutrient absorption is a must for optimal health. Without it we are more susceptible to illness, disease and premature aging. Total digest is a blend of powerful dual stage enzymes that aid in digestion and regularity and helps alleviate gas and bloating.

Cold and Flu Supreme – A powerful all season immune formula that stimulates and bolsters the immune system. A synergistic blend of vitamin, herbs, mushroom extracts and probiotics that strengthen the body’s defense system against infections.

Ultimate Weight Loss -  A five stage weight loss formula to help you achieve your weight goals. Ultimate weight loss increases your metabolism, helps curb appetite and sugar cravings, releases stored fat cells and rids the body of excessive water retention.

Skin Nourishment – A nourishing and protective deep moisturizer that applies easily and is quickly absorbed leaving skin smooth and soft. With elevated levels of Vitamin E to soothe, soften and hydrate skin.

Fiber GentlyA naturally gentle aid to bowel regularity. A powerful boost for low fiber diets allows your food intake to digest smoothly avoiing unwanted bloating and constipation..


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